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WR Shaq Davidson and SF L.J. Peak set to make commitments on Tuesday

A pair of Gaffney, SC natives are expected to announce commitments to South Carolina on Tuesday afternoon.

Remember the last time we all huddled around our computers in anticipation of a high profile college football commitment? Well, that didn't go exactly as planned.

But there's much more reason to think that the coordinated announcements of wide receiver Shaq Davidson and small forward L.J. Peak will end much more favorably for the Gamecocks when the duo announce their commitments at a 6 PM ceremony at Gaffney (SC) High School on Tuesday.

Both are 100% projections to South Carolina according to the 247Sports Crystal Ball and have final threes that share only South Carolina and Florida State in common. From reading their Twitter feeds and the series of "are you ready bro?" tweets sent back and forth between the pair, it seems abundantly clear that both will be announcing for the same school, as has long been rumored.

And, if you follow the popular logic leading up to the Drew Barker commitment, which dictates that, if a player is openly advocating that members of the local community attend his announcement, then it necessarily follows that he will be committing to the flagship university of his home state, then you have to be excited about what Peak and Davidson have been tweeting over the past several days.

If Davidson commits...

The Gamecocks will have landed their most highly touted wide receiver prospect since another Shaq, of the Roland variety, signed with the 2012 recruiting class. According to the 247Sports Composite index, Davidson is the 9th best receiver prospect and the 83rd best prospect overall in the 2014 class.

South Carolina can only take 2-3 WRs in this year's recruiting cycle, so it will be down to Terry Googer, Braxton Berrios, and Blake Bone to occupy the second and likely final wide receiver spot in the 2013 class. Right now, Googer is the only player among those three projected by the 247Sports Crystal Ball to sign with South Carolina.

If Peak commits...

Frank Martin will have picked up his second commitment in the 2014 class alongside four star shooting guard Marcus Stroman and will put the basketball team in strong position to finish with a top 25 recruiting class for the second time in as many years. Crazy, right?

Check out Peak's junior year Whitney Young highlights (and the garnet dye job at the end of his braids):