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USA Today Preseason Coaches Poll Released: South Carolina Seventh


The preseason USA Today Coaches Poll has been released. South Carolina comes in at seventh, which is exactly where we ended last season in this poll. To my knowledge, this is the highest we've ever appeared in a preseason poll. (I tried to confirm this at College Football Data Warehouse, but the site was loading poorly, so we'll have to check later.)

Other things to note about the poll:
--Alabama, unsurprisingly, comes in at number one.
--The SEC had six teams overall, including two in the top five and five in the top ten.
--Georgia is fifth, Carolina seventh, and Clemson eighth. Should make for some interesting viewing the first two weeks of the season.

Carolina's ranking seems about right to me. You're probably going to hear a lot of pundits and comments-section quarterbacks say we're too high, but the nation is underselling our offense, which is understandable given that we're going to be relying on some players that we as Carolina fans know are dependable (Mike Davis, etc.) but that aren't household names yet. At the very least, I think it stands to reason that we won't finish far below seventh, as our schedule makes it somewhat unlikely that we lose more than two regular-season games. Whether we're truly among the nation's top teams and thus a legitimate national title contender remains to be seen, but if the offense plays like we think it will and we figure out a way to get at least decent production out of our linebackers, it's completely possible.

What do you see here? Are we too high? Too low? Just right? Do you have any bones to pick about where other teams landed?