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The Morning Feed: August 13th, 2013

Minor league baseball might be returning to Columbia, looking back on Spurrier's first year in Columbia, and finding common ground with the Manziels.

I feel that I've developed a special connection with Texas A&M as a result of the Manziel/Clowney madness that has defined this offseason. Monday's Deadspin feature on the Manziels of the early 20th century revealed that the connection may be even closer than I suspected, as Timothy Burke's digging revealed that the Manziels are so steeped in the tradition of cockfighting that they even have a breed of gamecock named after them: the Manziel grey.

The Rubber Chickens are in the midst of an excellent podcast series recapping the Gamecock football seasons from 1987-present. I only hope that I didn't ruin everything by joining Buck to review 2005, Steve Spurrier's first year as the Head Ball Coach in Columbia, SC.

Columbia, stop making me want to move back to you. Whole Foods? Chipotle? Urban Outfitters? Minor league baseball stadiums? You could not possibly be doing more to appeal to my Chicago hipster sensibilities right now.

Hey, Georgia. You should probably stop with the music videos:

Well, at least this video wasn't signed off on by an adminstrator at UT:

#ComePlayWRForTheJoker has gone worldwide, y'all:

Loose Feed: The Auburn athletic department does not know the difference between Washington and Washington state. Well, Colorado, you walked right into that one. The more Chip Kelly changes, the more he stays the same. Awww, wook at da pwetty wittle puppy.

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