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South Carolina Football Recruiting: Gamecocks Add Terry Googer


As expected, South Carolina received a verbal commitment today from WR Terry Googer (College Park, Ga./Woodward Academy). Googer had, indeed, been a silent commitment to Carolina for some time. Googer has long been a fan of what our program has to offer, he likes the academic support we provide, and his friendship with fellow Peach State commit Bryson Allen-Williams also played to our advantage. (Gotta love the recruiting work Allen-Williams has done for us.) Googer had a nice offer list, with his other potential choices including Miami and Ole Miss.

Googer is a consensus high three-star / low four-star recruit, but his upside may be even more promising than it appears. He was his team's QB last year and will be again this season. That's slowed down his development as a receiver, his projected college position. Athletically, though, he appears to be an elite big-body receiver in the mold of the style of the receivers we've had the most success with during the Spurrier era. Googer is 6'4 and may play as big as 230 without losing significant speed or agility. With seasoning, he'll be a formidable target down the road. If he had played more receiver in high school, he very well might have been one of the southeast's most coveted players at the position. Alabama and Georgia might find themselves regretting not taking a closer look at this guy.