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The Final Cockdown: #12 Jody Fuller

With Bruce Ellington struggling to return from a nagging hamstring injury, Jody Fuller's making a pre-season impression at the Z receiver spot.

What? There weren't any pictures of Jody.
What? There weren't any pictures of Jody.

Jody Fuller
Redshirt Freshman
5'11", 217 lbs.
Charlotte, NC

3 stars, #47 WR in the 2012 class. Worth noting he was rated 4 stars by all outlets except Scout, whose rating was enough of an outlier to drag Fuller's composite rating below the 4 star mark.
Other offers: Arkansas, Clemson, Duke, Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, and many others

College Career:
Reshirted as a true freshman.

2013 Outlook:
It's easy to forget about Jody Fuller. He's not one of our established, sub-6' threats like Ellington, Byrd and Jones. He wasn't a five star recruit like Shaq Roland. He doesn't have a program legend for a brother like Shamier Jeffery. And he doesn't have that pops-off-the-page jumpball height like Kwinton Smith and KJ Brent. He's just a six footish, redshirt freshman with a normal name and a calm demeanor.

Sure, it's easy to forget about Jody Fuller, but that might all change come the 28th. He's currently listed as Bruce Ellington's backup, and if #23's hamstring has yet to fully heal by then, Fuller could see first team reps at the Z receiver spot. Fuller isn't a skyscraper, but he's big— at 217 pounds, only 6'8" walk-on Matthew Harvey is a heavier wideout. That kind of frame can take licks in traffic, which is an asset when your other starters are sub-200 lb. speedsters. Fuller showed out at the team's scrimmage on Saturday, catching 5 passes for 49 yards. In a receiving corps whose depth is identified more by its narratives and potential than experience, Fuller has a clearcut opportunity to emerge as a weapon.

Did you know that this out of context tweet is hilarious:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Jody Fuller just fell down.</p>&mdash; (@TheBigSpur247) <a href="">March 21, 2013</a></blockquote>

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Possible Todd Ellis play-by-play call:
"First down, ball at the Clemson 40. Shaw takes the snap, fakes the handoff to Davis, and rolls out, puts his arm into one down the sideline, and JODY FULLER, the freshman, makes the catch in stride! And he will not be caught—touchdown, Carolina! Tommy, I bet Kool Jody has one question for that Clemson secondary: How Ya Like Me Now?"