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The Final Cockdown: #9 Kwinton Smith

Smith is one of many underclassman Gamecock receivers with loads of potential but little in the way of on-the-field production.

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Kwinton Smith
Redshirt Freshman Wide Receiver
6'4", 212 lbs.
Hamer, SC (Dillon HS)

4 stars, #26 wide receiver in the 2012 class
Other offers: Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson, East Carolina, Illinois, LSU, Minnesota, NC State, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest

College Career:
Smith redshirted in 2012 and, despite enrolling at Carolina in May of 2012, was not a lock to play a single down of football for the Gamecocks. Kwinton was selected by the Texas Rangers in the 14th round of the 2012 MLB Draft, and the Rangers made a strong push for the then-6'3", 175 lbs. pitcher/outfielder prospect before he ultimately decided to forego hundreds of thousands of dollars to don the garnet and black. I don't understand why anyone would make that decision, but I certainly appreciate it.

2013 Outlook:
At 6'4", 212 lbs., Smith has the build of the Rice and Jeffery types that have performed so well in Spurrier's passing attack since he arrived at Carolina in 2005 and has the offer list to indicate what his ultimate ceiling is. There are a handful of players more experienced than Smith in the 2013 wide receiver rotation, but Kwinton has the talent to break out at any moment (a la Alshon Jeffery in the 2009 Kentucky game).

Kwinton was born a month and four days before Kurt Cobain committed suicide, which makes me feel really old and upset about the fact that I will probably die at some point in the next several decades.

Possible Todd Ellis play-by-play call:
Shaw out of the gun, looks downfield, hits his receiver on the post route. It's Kwinton Smith, and he's going to score. Kwinton Smith for the touchdown. Connor Shaw to Kwint' Smith on the post route. Folks, THIS SHARK, SWALLOW YA WHOLE.