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It's Gamecocks Fall Practice Bingo!

Garnet and Black Attack offers a fun and engaging way to pass the excruciating final weeks between now and kick-off.

Fall Practice Bingo!
Fall Practice Bingo!
Spurrier photo by Jeff Blake - US PRESSWIRE

Hey, fall practice started yesterday! Which means two things: kickoff's less than a month away, and I'm a day late on posting this. But I digress. What's not to love about fall practice? It offers all the excitement of watching people practice something paired with the perpetual anxiety of losing players to injury in the preseason. And who doesn't get all jacked up after watching one of those invigorating post-practice interviews when coaches and players answer pandering questions with canned answers? Except Spurrier, of course, who only answers the questions he hears in his head, which are far superior to that Peabody-fuel the beats toss his way. ("How was practice today?" "Is your team good?" "Isn't sophomore a weird word?" "What is your hat?")

As with any football related activity that isn't an actual football game, it's either gonna be boring or strange and sometimes both but usually the one (boring) so in order to spice up your experience, we offer this printable Bingo chart. If you're lucky/bored enough to visit a practice or two, or even if you just follow along at home, play Fall Practice Bingo and the weeks will fly past. Some of these things already happened on day 1, but don't be a cheater and retroactively score it. All 25 squares will probably be full in a day or two anyway, so you may as well drag it out.