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Spurrier discusses Clowney, injuries, and Georgia in Sunday teleconference

Spurrier held his first teleconference of the 2013, and we already have our first instance of the Head Ball Coach using the word "poop" in the new season.

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Spurrier on Clowney's overall performance and his conditioning:

"We all watched what happened out there. And obviously Jadeveon was not up to par. We're not going to give any excuses. I think Jadeveon learned that the camera's on him every play."

"We know [Jadeveon] can rush the passer better than he did the other night."

"Jadeveon, obviously, he was pooped. But I think there was other reasons that he was pooped than that he's not in good shape."

"We talked after the game, but what I said to Jadeveon after the game will remain between me and Jadeveon."

"We're in good shape. Our team was in good shape. It was a hot, muggy day in Columbia, as we all know. It was the hottest day of the year. We hadn't had anything like that in preseason practice. We IVed up during the game and at halftime."

Spurrier's observations on a few non-Clowney players:

"Skai Moore had a very good game the other night. TJ Gurley played well at safety after J.J. Marcus was injured. I think he was the leading tackler in the game last week. He's our Gurley, right there."

"We didn't do very much offensively after the first quarter or so except for the Mike Davis run. It was a little disappointing."

"I wish some of them would play with a little more aggressiveness. I think we're capable of playing a little bit better."

"Pass protection wasn't near as bad as it appeared."

Spurrier on injuries:

"We got out of it pretty much injury free. J.J. Marcus had a shoulder injury that's going to keep him out a couple of weeks or so. Cody Waldrop sprained his foot. He's in a boot right now, but hopefully he'll be back in time."

"Bruce Ellington (hamstring) practiced yesterday. He should be very close to 100% for [the Georgia game]."

"The extra two days [gained from playing on Thursday] may help with some sprains and things of that nature. So maybe we'll be a little healthier than if it was a seven day break."

"Cedrick Cooper (hyperextended elbow) was out there running around [at Saturday's practice]. There's a chance he might could play some this week."

"[Busta Anderson] is gonna try to practice this week. He and JT [Surratt] are on the limited list. They're not definitely out [for the Georgia game]. But they'll be somewhat limited."

Spurrier on playing Georgia next week:

"They're a good offensive team. Gurley, their running back is obviously one of the best in the country. Their quarterback and wide receivers are also very good."

"We've got whole bunch of Georgia players, just like we've got a whole bunch of North Carolina players. So I think they get a little extra pumped up for this game."

"See y'all Tuesdee."

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