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Week Three Pick 'Em Results

Midsouth Garnet wins this week's pick 'em contest with a 309 points and a 21-4 record. Coming in right behind Midsouth are 2nd string all-star and Vintage Eric Kimrey. Congrats!

You can now make your picks for week four at Yahoo.

One more thing: Last week, Connor expressed dissatisfaction with using confidence points in the game because he said it's too much work to think through which picks he's most and least confident about. This week, we'll do the same thing we did last week, but I'd like to put this issue to a vote. Tell us what you would prefer in the poll. The reason we've used confidence points until now is because they're good for resolving ties. Ties will often emerge if you're simply ranking players by record. However, Yahoo does have a good tiebreaker system, so perhaps this won't be much of an issue if we do away with confidence points. Another thing we could consider is picking against the spread instead of picking winners straight-up; I would imagine we'll see more variability in record if we go to picking against the spread, which would eliminate ties. Another thing to consider is that it may not really matter if we have ties. In the past when we had a partnership with Gameday Depot to give out prizes to our weekly winners, we had to avoid ties so that there would be a decided winner each week. However, that's no longer an issue because we're not giving out prizes anymore. Again, let us know what you think.