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Monday Memo: Did the Dawgs flop? Are the Heels dirty? Has Tajh changed his stripes?

The burning questions that can only be answered at Garnet and Black Attack.


Flip-Flop. We all know that there is no crying in baseball. Well, there shouldn't be crying in football either ("Our whole season is gone! How are we going to face South Carolina now?"). Pull yourself together, Dawg!   You're still favored against the Cocks!

Well, since we're being so agreeable, can we further concur that there shouldn't be any flopping in football, too? (Ed. - except for your own kicker of course - he can flop).   No - I'm not talking about these football flops.

I mean flopping in order to slow down a hurry-up offense like this - a classic double-flop.   No less an authority than Kirk Herbstreit of ESPN's College Gameday warned us less than a week ago that flopping could be a big deal in CFB this season:

"There's nothing in the rule book at this point that states defenses can't fake injuries," Herbstreit said. "I promise you, in some big game after some crucial second down that sets up a third down, they're going down. It's going to be embarrassing. It's going to be so fake. Nothing prevents it other than being unethical."

So did the Georgia Bulldogs dabble on the shady side of the street trying to slow down Tahj Boyd's Clemson Tiger attack?  It certainly looks like it.   Coach Mark Richt says the alleged flopper took a shot to the jimmy.   Well, there ain't a guy alive who hasn't experienced the delayed reaction (warning - profanity).

Does CMR's explanation hold water?  The player in question - LB Leonard Floyd - seemed to look OK until he gazed over to the sideline - and notice how his teammate, who also was watching the UGA bench, was so quick to call the trainers. Also observe how Floyd manfully discreetly suspiciously seems to avoid clutching his groin as he falls - the sine qua non of the true nutter.

I can't imagine St. Mark of Omaha  - i.e., "the most Christian man who ever lived (or at least West of the Savannah River)" [TM] - would stoop to such shenanigans.

But can we put it past "Evil Richt" or Todd Grantham? Natch.  After all, they told us Bacarri Rambo didn't know the brownies had pot in them either.

Tsk, tsk, y'all.  You're better than that.

Dirty Heels. Date line:  Wallace Wade Stadium.  October 20, 2012.    UNC LB Shakeel Rashad blatantly blindsides a Dookie WR before the snap while ostensibly running onto the field for a personnel change - video here - watch how Rashad lowers his shoulder.

Sense a pattern here?   Larry Fedora had the temerity to defend the hit, but the ACC suspended Rashad.

clowney cut

Now fast forward to Williams-Brice Stadium.   Tar Heel # 72 Kiaro Holts could have ended Clowney's season. Possibly his career.    The targeting hit by UNC's Brandon Ellerbe  against Victor Hampton earlier in the game is just more grist for the mill.

That's coaching, folks.   If it's not Coach Fedora, then one of the assistants is coaching the Heels to play like this. So far no suspension for - or apology from - Kiaro Holts.

J'Accuse!  Larry Fedora and John Swofford - do the right thing!

For shame, Heels.  You're supposed to be better than that, too.  But there's always been a huge whiff of hypocrisy emanating from Chapel Hill.

Tajh-ma-Hall of Fame?

Three TDs?  Good.   18 for 30?    Meh.

Even with 40 rushing yards, he ain't  "superman".   Not until he beats us.