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What happens when we watch Jadeveon Clowney's plays all in a row?

A lot of people have strong opinions about how Jadeveon Clowney played on Thursday, so maybe we should watch all of his plays at once. Maybe even on mute.

I was fully prepared to spend a few hours cutting together footage of each of the plays for which Jadeveon Clowney was on the field against North Carolina, but one of the perks of Clowney being one of the best players in the past decade or so is that so many people are interested in his performance that those kinds of tedious exercises have already been completed by someone else out there on the internet. (It really is an Information Superhighway!)

When you watch the video, what do you see?

I see North Carolina running/throwing to the opposite side of the field on just about every play and Clowney sometimes even making the tackle when they try to do that. I see several incompletions that appear to have been at least partially caused by the pressure that Jadeveon was able to get on Bryn Renner and several more where JD is maybe half a step away from bringing Renner down in the backfield. I see Clowney beating double teams and largely unsuccessful attempts by running backs to chip block him. If anything, there are occasions where he's playing a bit too aggressively (which isn't new), and South Carolina gets burned on a screen pass to his side of the field.

We all knew that North Carolina's quick-release passing attack was going to prevent Clowney from having an impressive statistical performance against the Tar Heels, so I don't understand why everyone is so surprised to find out that's exactly what happened.

What did you see?