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Spurrier: Shaw could be back in two weeks, Roland's status uncertain

Steve Spurrier provides updates on injuries to a number of his star offensive players.

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On injuries:

We had a few more injuries than usual yesterday. Connor Shaw sprained his shoulder, said he's out 2-3 weeks. Cody Waldrop sprained his ankle. It's not that same foot injury. He may play this week. Clayton Stadnik came in and played well though, as did Dylan.

Wilds dislocated his elbow. They got it right back in on the field there... He stuck his hand in the ground trying to brace, and that's when his elbow went... That's a two-to-three week thing. There's a chance that we may bring David Williams up to varsity and get him and Shon ready to go along with Mike Davis.

Any chance Kendric Salley could get a look instead of Williams?

Nah, David's ahead of him.

What's the play if something happens to Dylan Thompson?

Nosovitch would most likely be the next one in line. And probably Perry Orth would be the third guy.

On the disparity between the quality of play on offense and defense:

This is the first time our offense is ranked ahead of our defense in a long time. But our defense has played pretty well except for a few big plays. We had an excellent third quarter though. They only had 10 points for a long time. Those two pass plays go them back in the game...

We had three really bad plays, but made some interceptions, made some good plays along the way. Fortunately, we didn't have to kick any field goals - all touchdowns...

I'll be helping out with the secondary. I guess I haven't been helping very well yet. We've got to keep things in front of us...

On how the offense will change with Dylan under center:

We did find out yesterday that we can hand the ball to the tailback. Connor McLaurin played an excellent game yesterday...

We're probably still going to run a little bit, maybe not as much zone read. We messed up a few blocking assignments on that zone read there in the second half.

Does Dylan play better when he knows ahead of time that he's going to start?

No, he prepares as a starter every week. Last two games, we told him that he'd be going in at some point during the first half. Of course, we didn't know it would be because of injury. Does he play better when he knows he's going to start? He's starting this week, so I hope so. We might need him to play pretty well if we're going to beat Kentucky.

Why is Shaq Roland suspended?

I'll let you know later in the week. It was university policy deal.

Misbehavior in class?
Internet/social media issue?

It's a university policy. Somehow or another he was in violation. That's about all I should say, I guess.

OK, then.

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