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Garnet and Black Attack Pick 'Em Results: Week One

Streeter Lecka

Two updates on the Pick 'Em game.

First of all, NotWesSaunders won the first week's contest, going an impressive 11-2 for 82 points. mmb61 and ChickenHoops finished in a tie for second with 9-4 records and 67 points. Congrats to all three players! I've entered next week's games at Fun Office Pools, so head over there and get your picks in soon.

Second of all, SB Nation announced to us last week that it has a new deal with Yahoo Sports that dictates that we must run our pick 'ems through Yahoo from now on. This is a beneficial deal for all of us in the long run, but for now, it unfortunately means that we have to migrate over to Yahoo to continue our weekly game. We're going to continue with Fun Office Pools for one more week in order to give everyone time to head over to Yahoo, get an account set up if needed, and to join the pool. Our pool is named "Garnet and Black Attack," and its password is "GABA2013." When you get a chance, go over and join the pool so you can make your picks over there this time next week. We apologize any inconvenience! Let me know in the comments section if you have questions.

UPDATE: You'll also need the Group ID to join this private pool. It's 18365. Any questions, let me know.