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To Hell With Georgia


Every year around this time of the fall I like to revive a well known YouTube video and plaster it on the Facebook walls, spam it in emails, Tweet it to the universe, and even sing it out loud to all of my Georgia related friends and family. Lucky for me, I have quite a few of those because I did my undergrad in the armpit of America Columbus, Georgia.

So here is an ode from me to you;

About how the Bulldogs will not pull through.

Murray will crack under constant pressure,

While Clowney and Company smash his innards together.

Gurley and Marshal will be of no help,

Their shoes will be lost, their faces will melt.

And thanks to our friend, Bobo of course,

the offense will be as vanilla as jorts.

The 3-4 is no match for Spurrier, dear friend;

if Morris can do it, surely He can!

But back to our friend Murray, who will be 0-4,

just as no Bulldog has ever been before.