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Steve Spurrier's signing day presser, via Google Translate

"To fill in some of the lost ones is essential feel good."

"We won 11 games out of seven."
"We won 11 games out of seven."
Mike Ehrmann

Comments from Steve Spurrier's National Signing Day 2014 press conference, translated to various languages and back. Source material.

Opening Statement:
(English to Marathi to English):

"Gamecocks good. We really an outstanding group of players we have signed today by the us believe. We will have to wait outside as we still have not signed the one out there. We believe other than those addressed a lot of needs. Gamecocks all know, as we Jadaveon Clowney, Chaz Sutton and defensive linemen Kelcy Quarles lost three starts. I think we have seven defensive linemen. The second requirement defensive back, defensive corner Victor Hampton and Jimmy Legree, especially with a senior and leaving early, we were required to change the players. We next year, we came in there that will play in four or five defensive team is required to return the type of guys who have picked up. And we have eight guys on offense when we, at Connor Shaw to play Bruce Ellington, Ronald and Patrick are the best quarterback to fill in some of the lost ones is essential feel good. We have an excellent player and we have to replace it in the field of Dylan Thompson. Overall, I think it's really good class and we are thrilled with all the guys we think they are fit very well. We have the opportunity to have this success here in South Carolina."

On if he was recruiting players who can come in and contribute this fall:
(English to Italian to Swedish to Gujarati to Arabic to Welsh to English):

"Maybe we have a lot of good players. Last year we had a young team in the first part of the football. And whenever they leave the house and the four players on the same team, so we had four elderly. Some opportunities for students to play one of them in the coming year, I can play a good chance it is not."

On getting some guys to choose South Carolina on the last day:
(English to Hungarian to Simplified Chinese to Maori to English):

"The signing of the power class. And, in the paper and sent us to the signing. Is not always the case. Many times, these other guys in the end, I do not know the way to go, but we are very happy with these players and arrows, he decided to come to us too."

On recruiting in-state players:
(English to Lao to Bulgarian to Zulu to Czech to Haitian Creole to English):

"I think it's always important to put the best musicians in the state, CLEMSON certainly share. This may be the reason why we won 11 games out of seven, as we have in the back. When you get to the game in the country, then, you can go to the edge, like Georgia, North Carolina and Florida, which is a very good player. We have it in our country. Two schools in South Carolina and CLEMSON] Top 10 for two years, two schools did well. Point of sale is a good thing for our country.*"

*Note: For some reason, Clemson was translated in all caps along the way. Conspiracy!