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Steve Spurrier responds to Dabo's BCS comment

The best thing about Dabo saying something ridiculous is that Steve Spurrier is almost certainly going to react to it.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

I wasn't that put off by the fact that Clemson beat Ohio State in the Orange Bowl until Dabo Swinney and #ClemsonTwitter tried to use the win as a means of making South Carolina's accomplishments seem less significant. The Rubber Chickens wrote the definitive reaction piece to the logical problems with that argument, so I won't bother to do that here.

Instead, let's just take a look at what Steve Spurrier told Chris Low in the ESPN reporter's semi-annual check-in with the HBC to reaffirm that Head Ball Coach is still having fun out there. (Thank you one-sentence paragraph based god.)

Clemson's Dabo Swinney countered a few days later following the Tigers' 40-35 win over Ohio State in the Discover Orange Bowl that Clemson was the first team from the state of South Carolina to win a BCS bowl. 

Even Spurrier had to give Swinney props for his comeback. Sort of, anyway. 

"Well, he's right," Spurrier said. "We've never even been to a BCS bowl. We can't get invited. We're in the SEC." 

And as Spurrier noted, Clemson beat just one team this season that won its bowl game (Syracuse), and the Head Ball Coach also wonders if Swinney might be distorting history a tad. 

"I called Danny Ford and said, ‘Danny, does Dabo forget that Clemson in 1981 went down to the Orange Bowl, won the national championship and went undefeated?' " Spurrier joked. "They didn't call it a BCS bowl back then, but it was the same bowl, the Orange Bowl, and the Orange Bowl has always been a major bowl."

Spurrier also did one of my favorite things that Spurrier does: tell a journalist what a neat idea for an article would be.

"Doing what we've been able to do invigorates you. It gives you energy," said Spurrier, who turns 69 in April. "Somebody ought to do an article on age versus physical and mental fitness. I've been doing the same workout now for a number of years. I still call the plays, still run the offense, and they tell me my memory is still pretty good.

The HBC also lobbied for a raise on his former defensive coordinator's behalf.

"Look at my buddy Bobby Stoops. He's won a whole bunch of Big 12 championships, but to beat Alabama in that bowl game the other night might have been bigger than some of them. I told him he can get rid of that $5 million-a-year contract now and move up to $6 million.

Roll Damn Ball Coach.