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2014 National Championship Odds: South Carolina ranked ninth by odds of winning CFB Playoff

It's never too early to start thinking about gambling away your life savings on the 2014 football season.

Scott Halleran

On the same day the South Carolina football team secured its best-ever finish in both of the major polls, it  learned that it will be starting off 2014 almost exactly where it was the year before in the eyes of the Las Vegas oddsmakers.

Bovada gives South Carolina 25 to 1 odds of winning the 2014-15 College Football Playoff, putting the Gamecocks tied with seven other teams as the ninth-likeliest to take home the national championship.

Odds to win the 2014-2015 College Football Championship

Florida State 11/2

Alabama 13/2

Stanford 9/1

Ohio State 10/1

Oregon 12/1

Auburn 14/1

Michigan State 20/1

Oklahoma 20/1

Clemson 25/1

Florida 25/1

Georgia 25/1

LSU 25/1

South Carolina 25/1

Texas A&M 25/1

UCLA 25/1

Baylor 25/1

Notre Dame 33/1

USC 33/1

Wisconsin 40/1

Oklahoma State 40/1

Missouri 40/1

Iowa 40/1

Louisville 50/1

Miami 50/1

Michigan 50/1

Nebraska 50/1

North Carolina 50/1

Texas 50/1

Oregon State 66/1

Washington 66/1

Mississippi 66/1

Arizona State 66/1

UCF 66/1

Arkansas 100/1

Arizona 100/1

Boise State 100/1

Boston College 100/1

BYU 100/1

California 100/1

Cincinnati 100/1

Georgia Tech 100/1

Kansas State 100/1

Mississippi State 100/1

Pittsburgh 100/1

Rutgers 100/1

South Florida 100/1

TCU 100/1

Tennessee 100/1

Virginia Tech 100/1

West Virginia 100/1

Carolina is given the same odds as LSU, Georgia, Florida, Clemson, UCLA, Baylor, and 2014 opening opponent Texas A&M.

In total, South Carolina will play five regular season opponents that are given equal or better chances of winning it all. Three of those games will be played on the road (at Clemson, at Auburn, and at Florida).

Bovada doesn't seem to like Missouri's chances of repeating as SEC East champions. They've given the Tigers 40 to 1 odds of winning the CFB Playoff, the fourth-worst in the division.