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Jadeveon Clowney: "I have been blessed to have attended the University of South Carolina"

Former South Carolina defensive end thanks school, fans for support

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

On January 1st, Jadeveon Clowney played his final collegiate football game. A little more than a week later, posted a thank you letter from Clowney, released by agent Bus Cook.

The note is concise and pleasant, and even if it isn't quite as overwhelming as Marcus Lattimore's recent missive, here's a line I thought was especially nice:

It is hard to believe that the years have gone by so fast and my time here has come to an end, but I will always carry you with me in the NFL and wherever I go in life.

B'awwww, JD. It's a sentiment reciprocally harbored by most Gamecock fans. It seems bananas that Clowney's career is in the books, but his three seasons in uniform comprise a legendary stretch that we may ultimately take to calling Clowntaceous Era, or not because that's so stupid it's in danger of being attributed certain beat writers. Notwithstanding Clowney's future, no fan of South Carolina or college football in general will forget his impact on the collegiate football landscape.

At any rate, the letter's a lovely gesture from a player who it seemed grew to steadily embrace his time at South Carolina. We'll have more on Clowney's legacy in the upcoming week.

By the way, Clowney's currently training for the NFL Draft (and riding private jets) with former North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron:

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Meanwhile, you and I are just tryna stay warm.