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The most active GABA readers of 2013

I know you're sick of end-of-year best-of lists, but this one has you in it.

Mark Kolbe

SB Nation has provided us with some really cool data on the most active Garnet And Black Attack readers of 2013, as measured by the most FanShots, FanPosts, and comments.

Congratulations to cockwatcher, Winsipedia, and wilmywoodcock for taking home first place among non-GABA staff in each of the categories.

Most FanPosts
cockwatcher 6
Jorge De Los Gallos 3
Taneyhill's Mullet 3
Navin S 2
Connor Tapp 2
seanrayford 2
TheNextMutation 2
Timothy De Block 2
T Kyle King 1
Phanatic2011 1
Most FanShots
Connor Tapp 12
Gamecock Man 7
Winsipedia 3
Timothy De Block 2
USCjeff21 2
Jorge De Los Gallos 1
Mr. Sanchez 1
wilmywoodcock 1
Balkwyll 1
TagSeats 1
Most Comments
Gamecock Man 1375
wilmywoodcock 949
walknbalk 936
Connor Tapp 788
Navin S 572
stapleears 431
Jorge De Los Gallos 397
ChickenHoops 275
GOcocks 253
skandrewj62j 251

Thanks to everyone who stopped by in 2013, whether you commented or not.That said, if you've only lurked until this point, we'd love to hear from you, whether that comes in the form of a comment, a FanPost, or an email.

Go. Fight. Win. Kick ass.