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The Feed Pail: October 10, 2014

Pass the word: Fans-only meeting!

Bye week.
Bye week.
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

TFP - Has memorabilia to sell! Can beat Todd Gurley's prices!

The Post & Courier: Gamecocks hold players-only meeting to boost morale after two tough losses.   I guess this is the biggest "news" of the day from Gamecock Land.  To me. there's always something a bit gimmicky about "players only" meetings since the idea usually comes from the coaching staff, who either hint (or tell) the captains to assemble the troops.  Still, it's a time-honored tradition.  If it helps, I am all for it. Here is the report on the players-only meeting by the Greenville News' Willie T. Smith III.

Gamecock Central: Scott Hood asks and answers  10 questions at the halfway mark.  Good stuff.   Do you agree with his season record and bowl predictions? What do you think our final record will be?  Take the fan poll.   Plus Will Matulis be ready to play next week? No reason to rush him back but if he could shake a little ring-rust off against Furman before the stretch run, that would be good, too.

Yahoo! Sports: Pete Iacobelli's AP article -  Spurrier: We'll 'lick our wounds' during bye week.

The Daily Gamecock: How to survive the bye week: Helpful hints to avoid hysteria.  I like # 3.

GamecockPride: Amber posts one of her PODCAST-Fireside Chats: Bye Week Essentials.

Gamecock Cereal: Rixon Lane continues his excellent series on the 1984 "Black Magic" season with  1984: The Year of Black Magic - Kansas State.   Don't miss his previous entries.

Fox Sports: South Carolina's Staley expects international experience to help Gamecocks reach their goals.

Gamecocksonline: Swimming and Diving Opens Season at Kentucky.   Avenge us, swimmers and divers!   Also - a spotlight on the Cocks' Sr. PG Tyrone Johnson (from Wednesday).

The Big Spur: John Del Bianco runs down the Top five returning players for 2014-15 hoops season.  Sindarius is obviously the star, but we really got to have Michael Carrera put his sophomore slump behind him.   Plus - Behind the Mask: Damiere Byrd.

Sportstalksc: USC in the final three for junior college seven-footer Nix.   You can't coach height, but 318 in high school (down from 400) worries me.  The last big body recruit we landed - Desmond Ringer - ended up being ineffective in the SEC.

Washington Post: South Carolina recruit Jalen Christian not concerned by Gamecocks’ early struggles.

L'Affaire Gurley

Team Speed Kills: Todd Gurley Suspended Indefinitely. Did Todd get paid for signing memorabilia? Looks like that allegation is front and center in the media reports.

AJC: Todd Gurley is out for Missouri, but is he out at Georgia for good? The Dawgs have seven regular season games left, plus a bowl and possibly the SECCG.  I can't see Richt booting Gurley for a first-offense, but he may miss more than Mizzou - including big games against UF and #2 Auburn depending on what happens with his suspension.

Dawg Sports: The autograph dealer who ratted Gurley out seems like a real P.O.S Yes - it was dumb for Todd to risk spoiling his final season in Athens, and imperil his team's post-season hopes, over a lousy $400.00; doubly so when A.J. Greene was publicly humiliated for the same thing.  Todd is a captain, too.  Plus - Macon runs down the latest facts and rumors.

CBS Sports: Suspension unlikely to impact Gurley's NFL stock.   No doubt this is true.  The ones it will hurt the most are his teammates.

ESPN SEC Blog: Nick Chubb, Hutson Mason must now take over for Georgia.

In other news ...

NBC CFT: Kevin McGuire trolls the Michigan fanbase - Jon Gruden once wanted to be head coach at Michigan.  Is he simultaneously trolling Gator fans, too?  So cruel ...