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The Feed Pail: October 11, 2014

Bye week blues.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

TFP -  Bye week edition.

Saturday Down South: Drew Lang posts a Bye Week Breakdown: 5 areas where South Carolina can improve.  None of themwill surprise you much but it's good to see an outsider categorize our major areas of weakness.

Bleacher Report: Is Steve Spurrier Right to Publicly Criticize His South Carolina Team? Editorial style; no slideshow - and pretty evenhanded.  At the end of the day, Spurrier is going to be Spurrier.  Nobody is ever going to change him.

GoGamecocks: Josh Kendall writes that Interference calls help and hinder the Gamecocks. "Pass interference is not a particular point of emphasis for SEC officials this season. It only seems that way when South Carolina is playing." Plus -  Our top 2016 QB target Brandon McIlwain is halfway through tour of final six.

Gamecock Cereal: David Caraviello, the Post & Courier's USC beat writer, joins Rixon for another Five for Five.

The Big Spur: The boys call up Perry Orth's momma to get the inside dish on our co-No. 2 QB.  I would have died if the press called my mom when I was 19-20. Plus - Ward reviewing all aspects of defense (from Thursday).   And - On the hardcourt, John Del Bianco lists the Five big games for Gamecocks in 2014-15 season.

Gamecock Central: Scott Hood writes Summer progress gives Frank Martin optimism.   Plus - Eric Guimaraes posts Friday scrimmage observations from the diamond.

Gene Sapakoff: No Wojcik-like red flags in South Carolina head coach Frank Martin's job review (from Thursday).

In other news ...

Team Speed Kills: Treon Harris Accuser Drops Complaint; Quarterback Reinstated.

NBC CFT: Will Todd Gurley play again this season? Report says he may not.  Wow.

CBS Sports: Bama backbiting in full blossom - Fran Tarkenton bashes AJ McCarron: He's an average QB at best.