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Bye Week Open Thread

We will not lose this weekend.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Gamecocks will snap their two week losing streak by not playing anyone. Here's how our coaches and players will be spending their weekend:

  • Some of the linebackers were going to go fishing, but when they went to the store to buy bait, they missed the tackle.
  • Steve Spurrier will plan to participate in a 5k, but he'll decide not to run it. (ALTERNATE ENDING: , but he'll decide to pass.)
  • Without realizing his roommate has gone gluten-free, Dylan Thompson will bake him a delicious pastry -- unfortunately, it'll be an ill-timed turnover.
  • Shaq Roland will plan to sample a selection of fine craft beers, but he'll get stuck in traffic and miss the flight.

How do you plan on spend your bye weekend? Watching non-South Carolina football? Venturing outdoors? Gameplanning for Auburn I mean Furman? Tell us in the comments section, and then gab about the solid slate of football that is happening this weekend. We're sure to see some excellent football today, so enjoy watching it stress-free.