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The Feed Pail: October 14, 2014

New trophy for Big Saturday?

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

TFP - Time to adjust expectations?

Sportstalk: Adios, Hardee's Trophy.   Whatever the name we give to the hardware, can we please start calling the game "Big Saturday"? ("Big Thursday simply became Big Saturday.  We just stopped calling it that.") Spurrier, USC Ready To Start Second Half of Season by Willie T. Smith III.

Gamecock Central: Up Next: Furman turns to freshman QB by Scott Hood.  Plus - it's going to be a Night game in Auburn.

The Big Spur: 2-4-7 Opponent Preview: Furman. by John Whittle.   Plus - J.C. Shurburtt follows up on Deacon Dan's recent interview with Gamecocksonline - Dan Reeves is proud of the Gamecocks.   Also - Cody Mincey has returned from suspension to the Yardcocks and Renaldo Balkman is still playing pro ball in Puerto Rico.

Garnet Report: Byrce Robbins names Carolina's 2014 Midway MVPs.

Saturday Blitz: College Football Teams: The Good- Mississippi State, The Bad- South Carolina, and the Ugly- UCLA.

Gamecock Cereal: In addition to being a great historian of USC sports, Rixon Lane is a genius at finding old video - 1984: The Year of Black Magic - PittsburghPlus -  Aaron Weiss posts Future Opponents: Week Seven.  It's funny - check it out.

GamecockPride: Furman: Homecoming Week for USC by Amber Pennycuff.

Gamecocksonline: Busta Anderson is Named to Mackey Award Midseason Watch ListPlus - Men's Basketball Launches Gamecock Confidential Mini-Series.

The Daily Gamecock: Sports Editor Danny Garrison opines that Gamecock fans must adjust expectations. "But, for me and other recently adopted Gamecocks, this is the first time many of us have lost hope."  Don't worry, Danny.  It sure as hell won't be your last.   But we keep coming back regardless.

That's what we do.  That's who we are.