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The Feed Pail: October 15, 2014

Is Steve Spurrier, Jr. on a coaching short-list?

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

TFP -  Ready for a mid-season turn around!

The Big Spur: Spurrier looks to empty the bench against the Paladins.  Also Spurrier: "I don't see them as well as I used to".   The HBC is a proud guy so this had to be a tough thing for him to say. I think he should be commended for analyzing the role his playcalling has contributed to this lackluster season, even if it is a bit late in the process.

Gene Sapakoff: Gamecock Backup QBs need some more snaps.

Greenville News: Gamecocks' T.J. Gurley pins blame on players.

Gamecock Central: Will Bryson Allen-Williams play on Saturday? Looks like BA-W will join Brandon Wilds and Cody Waldrop on the sidelines.   This week is as good as any to get healthy.  And - Fifty straight wins for Spurrier over FCS/D-IAA programs.  The streak is impressive, but some of those wins at USC have been fugly.

Sportstalksc: Talking Tuesday: Spurrier optimistic about second half turn around (AUDIO).   Plus - Gamecocks miss out on shooting guard target Evans.

Augusta Chronicle: Pete Iocabelli's AP story - Steve Spurrier believes Gamecocks want to finish season strong after disappointing first half"Steve Spurrier’s done with the outbursts after two consecutive losses, choosing to concentrate on the work South Carolina’s put in to turn around a struggling season."  We'll see about the whole "done with outbursts" thing.

Garnet & Cocky: Chris Carey thinks Mike Davis Will Be The Difference Maker to close out the season. Also - How Do Gamecocks Finish The Season Strong?

Saturday Down South: Early opponent analysis: Furman Plus - Spurrier on Todd Gurley situation: ‘We all know the rules’.  The rule is stupid.  It may even be morally indefensible.  But Gurley - a captain on a team that could vie for a championship and the playoff -  knowingly broke it for $400.  His team is now paying the price, notwithstanding a dominant performance at Mizzou.

GamecockPride: Practice Notes: Defense Back to the Basics .

ESPN SEC Blog: David Ching breaks down the SEC 2015 football schedule.  The Gamecocks are the only squad set to meet two Autonomous 5 opponents - UNC and Clemson.  Georgia finally gets a regular-season date with Alabama.

NBC CFT: Speaking of the schedule, and hallelujah, SEC does away with Week 1 conference games.  I doubt anyone has played more week 1 conference games than the Cocks over the past 20+ years.

The Daily Gamecock: Dawn Staley’s bunch are raising the stakes this year, and are making no effort to hide it.

Chris Wellbaum: WBB Media Day: Notes, photos, videos.

Garnet Report: Byrce Robbins illustrates why Preseason polls are a joke.

Gamecock Cereal: A Handy Guide to Gamecock Traditions.  I think Rixon missed a few!

SB Nation: Bubba Spurrier's name has come up for 5 coaches the Buffalo Bulls could hire to replace Jeff Quinn.  With the triplets still really young, and Steve not tasked with having to hit the recruiting trail hard (in his capacity as the coordinator), I don't see Steve Jr. bolting anytime soon - and neither did he last spring - even though it would probably be a good long-term career move.  I think Buffalo was dumb to fire Quinn mid-season.  Maybe they should try to lure Turner Gill back - though is all-time record at Buffalo (20-30/4 seasons) wasn't much different than Quinn's (20-36/4.5 seasons).

247: Victor Hampton signed to Giants practice squad.   Good deal.  Still wish he has come back his senior season at USC.

Fox Sports: Must see: Dayton kicker scores a touchdown on his own kickoff.   Thing of beauty.   Plus -  We need to get some of for this for next year.