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South Carolina Gamecocks at Kentucky Wildcats Recap: Gamecocks choke against Kentucky

Well, folks, this Carolina team is awful.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

First off, congrats to Kentucky, which took it opportunity and notched a program-changing victory with an epic comeback victory over Carolina.

Now, for the ugly: I see three big takeaways from the Gamecocks pathetic performance in Lexington.

1. Dylan Thompson played awful tonight. He had constant protection, his run game helped him, and his receivers did their job. If Connor Mitch or Perry Orth don't get a good look against Furman, that means they're not capable in any fashion, because Thompson sure doesn't deserve to start for an SEC team with any kind of QB depth.

2. How 'bout that play calling? Carolina had no run attempts on its last two drives despite the fact that the running game completely dominated the game. Mike Davis averaged eight yards per carry on 23 carries. Think he should have gotten a few more at the end of the game?

3. Offensively, Kentucky is an Air Raid team. Their regular offense wasn't working, so they went to the wildcat on what seemed like every play in the second half. You give up a few yards to the wildcat, fine. You get killed by it play after play? Pathetic.