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The Double Whammy: Is Lorenzo Ward to blame for the South Carolina Gamecocks' struggles?

What if we had Kelcy Quarles and Victor Hampton this year? Would it matter? Who knows. We have a team that can score but can't stop the other team from scoring. And it seems everyone is blaming Lorenzo (aka Whammy) Ward. Why?

Whammy Ward
Whammy Ward
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The definition of a whammy is what you put on your opponents. Receiving one is like a supernatural or unlucky devastating blow. And, somehow, someway, we have a self inflicted Double Whammy on our entire team. We got Whammy Ward (off the sidelines and up in the box) and we got Whammied players on the field. But, does the defense’s complete ineptitude fall on the shoulders of Lorenzo Ward?

Some say yes. Some say no.

This year our defense lost key players that made a huge impact.  Jimmy Legree and Victor Hampton had the most solo tackles. Both Jimmy and Victor had double the tackles of our current CBs. Why? Because most teams had to scheme for Clowney and had to rely on short passes.

The current Defensive line has a LOT less tackles, and no way near the number of sacks and turnovers we got last year.

Let's look at the UT game last year and this year. Last year UT had a stellar O-line, average receivers, and a good running back with Rajion Neal. Our defense gave up 305 total yards in the loss to UT in 2013.

This year we gave up 645 yards to a UT team that doesn't have the same O-line and a somewhat green QB.

Of course, the loss of Clowney, Quarles, Hampton, Legree, Sutton, and even Ahmad Christian has been huge, but Ward was pretty good in getting our current D-line some reps in the regular season last year.

There is no denying it. We have the Double Whammy. We didn't retain some key defensive players from last year but we have the same strength of schedule from last year which is currently 9th of 128.

There are no excuses here.


Let me ask you…

If we lose another game are we going to be pissed? Are you going to mow the lawn and not watch the game?

I can hear a collective Aw-Nah-Hell-Naw!

But here is the deal Gamecock nation…

The season ain’t over. Was it over when the German’s bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell No! And it isn't over now!

As fans we’re all saying we ain’t watchin’ another game! But you know you will. At the least you’ll be feverishly checking the score on your phone. The only thing we can do brothers and sisters is keep hope alive. So drink a brew (or ten) and hope that we have at least 650 yards on offense and 3 TD cushion with 2 minutes left for Florida and Clemson. And who knows. Maybe next year we can get rid of the Doubly Whammy.

Thoughts, comments, and rants?