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South Carolina Gamecocks At The Swamp Tailgate Party: The Best Way to Grill Ribs

Someday, just maybe, the Gamecocks will make it to the College Football Championship. But for now, we've got to win the rest of these games and UF is up next.. And, for this edition of What's Cooking at Gaba, put on AC/DC's Back in Black and get ready to fire up the grill for tasty some BBQ Ribs!

Our football season has been more like a warm O’Douls, but we can raise our spirits this weekend with a kickin' tailgate party around the bonfire grill. So, grab your tongs and a cold PBR because we’re grilling ribs!

But first, I introduce to you the game day drink, Rooster Piss! Yeah, it’s actually a shot. With our defense, there is no better way to manage your mood this Saturday than with a shot called Rooster Piss.

Here is how to make it. Grab a bottle of bourbon and Cinnamon Schnapps. Pour ½ oz. of bourbon and ½ oz. Cinnamon Schnapps into a shot glass and serve them to your guests.

Now that you’ve had a shot or three, it’s time to get the ribs prepared. And for this weekend’s tailgate meal, you will need to setup early because ribs take low heat and a lot of time (roughly 7 continuous loops of entire Back in Black album).

For the Ribs, just go with spare ribs because they pack a lot more flavor than other ribs, plus they are bigger.

Setup the grill with a hot side and cool side by piling all the charcoal on side of the grill and on the other side. Add an aluminum pan with some water in it. Light the charcoals using a chimney starter.

Prepare for the rub down:

½ cup of black pepper

½ cup of course salt

½ cup of brown sugar

1 tablespoon of paprika

1 tablespoon of garlic powder

1 teaspoon of cayenne

Mix the dry rub in a bowl and then coat your rack of ribs on both sides.

Once the coals are medium heat, throw in a couple of big chunks of hickory wood to get that smoke going. Scrape the grill. Lay the ribs bone side down on the grill over the cool side where the pan of water is. Cover and vent.

After a few hours pull the ribs off, and tightly foil them. You might need to add some more coals too. Put the foiled ribs back on the grill and cover.

In a couple of hours, pull them from the foil. The ribs should be tender and nearly falling off the bone. Shellac them with some barbecue sauce and put them directly on the grill for about 5 minutes, flip them, sauce them up some more, and do this a few times more until they are a little crispy. Serve them up hot.

Lastly what are your thoughts about the matchup between the Gamecocks and the Gators? Hopefully we can sneak away with a win. If we win, all those Jorts-wearing Florida fans will be screaming for Spurrier to come back to The Swamp.