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South Carolina Gamecocks football recruiting: Christian Owens Flips to Gamecocks

Christian Owens has decided to flip his commitment from UGA to South Carolina.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Today was a huge homerun for the Gamecock's Men's Basketball, with top in-state prospect PJ Dozier deciding to stay home and play for Frank Martin.

However, it wasn't just a good day for the basketball team, the football team also picked up a big recruit.  Three-star wide receiver Christian Owens from Griffin, GA has decided to flip from the Georgia Bulldogs to the South Carolina Gamecocks.  Owens's commitment comes at a bit of a surprise, but no one will complain about getting a 6'5" receiver.  Owens is expected to make the flip official the next time he comes to Columbia.  His recruiter is listed by as being special teams coordinator Joe Robinson, with Spurrier, Jr. filling in as a secondary recruiter.

We will be getting a commitment profile for Owens up later tonight, complete with his strengths, weaknesses and overall opinion on what he brings to the table.