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South Carolina Gamecocks at Florida Gators recap: Gamecocks beat Gators in overtime

Gamecocks leave Swamp alive with thrilling comeback victory.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I can still hardly believe what I just saw, but the Gamecocks just beat the Florida Gators in overtime in the most unlikely of fashions. With the score at 17-10, it looked like the Gators had this game wrapped up when they lined up to kick a short FG that would have put them up by 10 points with only a few minutes left. Gerald Dixon, Jr. blocked the FG to give the Gamecocks a little hope. After giving the Gators the ball back on downs, it again looked like the Gators would likely win the game as they lined up to punt the ball back to the Gamecocks. A clean punt would have given the Gamecocks the ball back deep in their own territory with no timeouts. Carlton Heard blocked the punt, though, setting the Gamecocks up with good field position. USC capitalized on the opportunity with Mike Davis's TD run, sending the game into overtime. After keeping the Gators to a field goal, Carolina won the game when Dylan Thompson ran the ball in from a few yards out on a QB keeper out of the zone-read.

Up until the wild finish, this game was a defensive slugfest. Carolina's defense played its best game of the year against a conservative Florida offense. The Gamecocks came out blazing on offense with 10 points on its first two drives, but after that point, the Gators began to exert their will defensively and more or less shut Dylan and company down for the final three quarters.

I'll have more analysis up soon. For now, let's chat about this epic win.