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South Carolina at Florida: Steve Spurrier Post-Game Press Conference

Spurrier discusses the defensive performance, Dylan Thompson, and what the win at Florida means for the Gamecocks

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Quotes from Spurrier's press conference following the victory over Florida are below and the entire press conference can be watched here.

On the defense:

Best defensive game we've played all year. I told every defensive starter and everybody that played a bunch in this game they're getting a game ball, all the defensive coaches, Coach Ward, Adams, all of them. We really stopped the run well.

I'm really proud of this defensive bunch. Golly, we've been pushed around all year almost. People been running all over us. And stopping that the way did today was really impressive.

On the offense:

Offense sputtered around, got hit a bunch here, there, and the other. Had some very undisciplined plays, gosh. Somehow or other it worked out...We had a lot of disappointing plays, but we didn't have those crucial turnovers.

On Dylan Thompson:

Dylan Thompson played his heart out. Protection wasn't very good again at times. Snaps were bad at times...He finally got the chance to keep one and run it in the end zone. So that was a good play for Dylan. Dylan had a heck of a game, hung in there, got hit a lot, made some beautiful throws...Dylan hung tough.

On Will Muschamp:

I guess I'm getting a little old when you start to feel sorry of the other coach.  But I do feel for Coach Muschamp. He's a good guy and it did appear they had that game in pretty good shape...I still feel for the other guy a little bit. Maybe I know him too well.  We all know he's sorta on a hot seat, I guess you call it. I hope he stays though. He's got some good players, I think he's a good coach.

On Clemson:

I guess the upstate team got beat today...Well that game, looks like we're in better shape than we were two weeks ago, right?

On what this win means for the Gamecocks:

It's a big win for the University of South Carolina. If we beat that team next week we play we're gonna be bowl eligible...It was a wonderful win for our university and so forth.

On next week:

Our guys will be pumped up next week, I think our fans will be pumped up. Senior day at Williams-Brice. Should be hopefully a fun day at Williams-Brice. We haven't had that many this year...But we're getting ready for South Alabama and hopefully to get bowl eligible next week.