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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Twelve

How does the SEC stack up after 12 weeks of play?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

1. Alabama Crimson Tide

Funny how after a year of mayhem in the league this season, the conference crown may very well end up where it was expected to all along.

2. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

The Bulldogs came up short in Tuscaloosa, with Dak Prescott's interceptions one of the biggest culprits. This team is still in the running for a conference crown and playoff spot, though. It will need to win in Oxford against rival Ole Miss.

3. Georgia Bulldogs

Probably the league's hardest team to figure out. The Dawgs have dominated a couple of good teams in Auburn and Missouri, yet they also have losses to clearly inferior South Carolina and Florida teams. Another problem for the Dawgs is that Mizzou controls its destiny in the SEC East, and the Tigers took a major step towards securing their second-straight division crown by beating Texas A&M over the weekend.

4. Ole Miss Rebels

The Rebels aren't out it yet in the SEC West. They need to beat Mississippi St. and for Alabama to lose to Auburn.

5. Auburn Tigers

Who saw Georgia shutting down Auburn's offense? This team is falling apart.

6. Missouri Tigers

I'm not sure this team doesn't deserve to be a spot higher, but I have qualms about putting them ahead of Auburn for now. Regardless, their win in College Station was huge and gives them a solid chance to make it back to Atlanta.

7. LSU Tigers

Things change quickly. In the fourth quarter against Alabama, it looked like the Tigers might be able to pull off a signature victory. After a come-back loss to the Tide and then an atrocious offensive performance in a blowout loss to Arkansas, LSU is in danger of letting its season fall apart.

8. Texas A&M Aggies

The Aggies couldn't keep their momentum going after beating Auburn a week ago. They lost this weekend at home to Mizzou.

9. Arkansas Razorbacks

The Hogs finally broke through and won their first SEC game of the Bielema era with a huge win over LSU.

10. Tennessee Volunteers

Crushed Kentucky. The upcoming game against Mizzou should be very interesting, with Mizzou playing for the East and both teams playing very good ball late in the season.

11. South Carolina Gamecocks

The Gamecocks are back in postseason contention after beating Florida.

12. Florida Gators

After the Gators blew what looked like a likely win over South Carolina, Will Muschamp is out as Florida's head coach.

13. Kentucky Wildcats

A once-promising season for Kentucky has taken a complete nosedive. The 'Cats were pounded into submission by Tennessee, and with Louisville as the final opponent, chances are UK will end at 5-7 and watching the postseason from Lexington.

14. Vanderbilt Commodores

The 'Dores are likely to serve as the sacrificial lamb for a Mississippi State team coming off its first loss.