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South Carolina vs Tennessee: Steve Spurrier Post-Game Press Conference

Spurrier gives short statement, leaves press conference

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

A transcript of the entirety of Spurrier's press conference can be found below, because it was less than a minute and he didn't take questions:

Okay, I don't have a whole bunch to say obviously. Lotta guys really had sensational games, Pharoh Cooper, Brandon Wilds and so forth. One or two calls I wish I coulda done over. But we just couldn't hold a lead,as we all saw. Just not good enough. Not good enough to hold the lead, not coached well enough overall as a team. Done a lousy job of maximizing what we think we got here. We can score a few points, but we find a way to lose. Yeah, so this is a tough one. It'll take a while to get this one out of your system. But we've had about 3 or 4 like this this year, so I guess I should be getting used to it by now. But I have a tough time getting used to these kinda things. Lotta guys played well, but we couldn't hold the lead there. So, I don't really need to take any questions. You guys watched it and I need to just get out of here.