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The Feed Pail: November 4, 2014

I blame Keney Effin Chesney!

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Update

ESPN: Marcus Lattimore to discuss future.  It looks like ESPN is walking back a poorly-sourced report by Adam Caplan -but which widely disseminated -- that Marcus had already made up his mind and decided to retire. The good news is that if does retire, he has a $1.7M insurance policy in place. Smart move.

CBS Sports: Agent: No decision has been made about Marcus Lattimore's future.   See this too.

Greenville News: Marcus Lattimore reportedly set to retire from NFL.

NBC CFT: Marcus Lattimore made the right decision to leave South Carolina early.

Lost Lettermen: Fans Rip NCAA Over Marcus Lattimore NFL Retirement.

College Spun: More upset fans.

Business Insider: Running Back Once Destined For A Bright NFL Future Shows How Much College Football Players Are Risking.  Good article.  By the way, if you were hoping Mike Davis or Brandon Wilds might stick around for their senior year, that likelihood is fast approaching zero %.

Fansided: Marcus Lattimore Consulting Family Before Retirement. This only stands to reason.

Fox Carolina: Marcus Lattimore's pastor talks about Lattimore's NFL future.

Sportsworld: Marcus Lattimore Retirement Helps Frank Gore Contract Talks? Damn, it's an ugly business.

In other Gameock News

The Rubber Chickens: Snap Judgments – 2014 Tennessee @ USC Edition.   Read it all.

Gamecock Cereal: No Pressure.

Leftover Hotdog: Is Kenny Chesney to Blame for South Carolina Football Woes?

Bleacher Report: Here we go -  Is This the End for Steve Spurrier? Think rival programs aren't whispering this to all our recruits?  Also - Can South Carolina Get Back on Track with These Key D-Line Recruits?

Saturday Down South: Steve Spurrier optimistic of coaching future despite ‘heartbreaking’ lossPlus - South Carolina Report Card: Bowl hopes lessen after fifth loss.

Rant: Steve Spurrier Deserves A Pass For Controversial Press Conference.  I disagree.  He is paid millions and part of those duties include answering questions in the post-game presser.

Garnet & Cocky: Gamecocks Football Wins Everywhere But The Scoreboard.

Garnet Report: Why I Hate Clemson.  When things go bad, you can always still find it in your heart to hate the Paw.  Plus - The Many Faces of Frank Martin.

Sportstalksc: USC-Florida game draws an early start time in the SwampPlus - OL John Simpson says USC’s woes don’t affect his thinking.  I wish they all thought like that.  But they don't.

WLTX: Wrapping up bowl berth tougher on Gamecocks.