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South Carolina Football Recruiting: Jozie Milton Flips to Horned Frogs

The Gamecocks have suffered their fifth decommitment of the 2015 class, losing offensive center prospect Jozie Milton to Gary Patterson and the TCU Horned Frogs.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The South Carolina Gamecocks have suffered a lot of bad luck recently.  They lost Paris Palmer just days ago, lost out on Muschamp, and have now lost their third offensive lineman of the 2015 class.  Jozie Milton cited uncertainty with South Carolina's coaching staff, likely citing Spurrier's comment stating he planned to coach for another two to three years.  On his own, Milton would not be as big of a letdown if the Gamecocks had not managed to lose Austin Clark and Paris Palmer.  That leaves the Gamecocks with only offensive guard Zack Bailey and tackle Christian Pellage.  Like I mentioned with Palmer's decommitment, it is not clear who the Gamecocks will target to replace these three.  Milton joins Davon Durant, Paris Palmer, Austin Clark, and Jaire Alexander as the fifth decommitment in this class.  Knock on wood that Milton is the last and the coaches are able to keep this class together.  After losing Milton, the Gamecocks are ranked 8th in the nation according to

On a good note, it appears that the Gamecocks will keep defensive end Marquavius Lewis by managing to hold off a late push by the Auburn Tigers.  Lewis is definitely a key recruit in this class and will help improve the defensive line next season.  Lewis is slated to sign on December 17th and enroll at South Carolina in January.