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South Carolina Football Recruiting: Mark Fields Decommits

The Gamecock's 2015 recruiting class is falling apart and the latest recruit to drop the Gamecocks is four star Mark Fields.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The blows keep coming and coming.  The South Carolina Gamecocks have suffered the sixth decommitment since October.  They have now lost one of the gems of this recruiting class, cornerback Mark Fields.  I really don't know how else to put this, but losing Fields hurts.  He attended The Opening earlier this year and was named as the fastest player there.  Even though the Gamecocks have Chris Lammons, Wes Green and Al Harris Jr. along with a few others, Fields was a special player that would have seen the field this upcoming season.  According to reports, Fields cited uncertainty with the coaching staff as his reason for dropping the Gamecocks.  This is most likely based on the announcement that Spurrier made a few weeks ago, where he said that he only planed to coach for another two to three years.   While he hasn't committed to another program, it is not clear if he will continue to consider the Gamecocks. He is currently scheduled to visit the Clemson Tigers and the Texas Longhorns.

Following the commitment of Daniel Fennell, I had said that I didn't think that the Spurrier announcement would have a huge impact on the class, but I was wrong.  At this point Spurrier needs to come out and address this because it has cost the Gamecocks at least four solid players (Durant and Clark decommitted before this became an issue.).  By losing Fields, the Gamecocks are now ranked 10th in the nation according to