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Coaching Gone Right: Why G.A. Mangus Is the Template for Success

The Gamecocks are in a bit of a pickle. Time to shake some things up and get back on the recruiting trail hard and heavy. But first, we need more coaches like G.A. Mangus and here's why.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hear me out GABA readers. A lot has been said about Spurrier's comments and how it impacted recruiting. But let me tell you, when an athlete verbally commits, it's not a done deal until they step on campus fully enrolled with backpack slung over their shoulder. I know a little sumthin about recruiting because I am a recruiter. And, I've placed something like a bazillion people in jobs and never ever or not even-not-ever-never has there been a 100% guarantee they will show up day 1 after they accept an offer. The real deal Hollfield is that recruiting talent (football) must never stop nor slow down AND that is why we have solid coaches like G.A. Mangus.

Coach Mangus is clearly the most underrated QB coach in the SEC. The proof? Yeah, just look at the Beloved Connor Shaw and the Heavenly Almighty Dylan Thompson! Both have set school records. Both lit up defenses! Both turned games we should have lost into cinematic-like nail biting victories. There were some minor bitching and moaning along the way, but Shaw and Thompson are undeniably the best QB's we've had in a while. And why is that? It's got a lot to do with their God given talent and Coach Mangus. He has played a major part in recruiting them. By that I mean he QUALIFIED, ATTRACTED and RETAINED them. They never left early or bolted for another school. These guys were developed and became reliable (yes, I said reliable) leaders, and better quarterbacks.

Looking back at 2008 through 2013, we have had a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. But, last couple of years, those key players went to the NFL. Right here and now,  Gamecocks need to continue recruiting key players on both sides. We have built a program that is part of an SEC culture that simply attracts the top talent in OUR State, but we are in jeopardy of losing key position players to that A-She-She team that plays like a few tough games a year.

Everyone on GABA and other fan sites have circled the names of coaches they want to come to USC. These coaches are out there like warm appetizers about to be snatched up by other coach hungry programs. We can't wait. We need to, first and foremost,  KEEP recruiting top talent. And GABA peeps, no need to panic at the disco because a few recruits have dropped off recently. Yes, obviously, we've got a talent deficit but a lot of hope is coming in for 2015. So... no, I am not in panic mode yet, because we have great coaches (and recruiters) like G.A. Mangus. Having said all that, the 2nd action item on list is to HIRE more coaches like him.