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Clemson at South Carolina - Live Thread

South Carolina takes on Clemson tonight.

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

It's hate night in Columbia. Clemson's coming to town.

Time: 7pm ET

Location: The friendly confines of the Colonial Life Arena

TV: SEC Network

Odds: Gamecocks by 7

Tickets: So here's some really great news - if you are a member of the Gamecock Club and show your ID card tonight, you get in free. So there's really not much of an excuse to put anything short of 18,000 in the arena tonight to try to back the Gamecocks as they seek out revenge against our upstate rivals for that unfortunate afternoon about a month ago.


Davis Williams gives us an overview.

ChickenHoops dissects the statistics.

Q&As with Garnet and Black Attack as well as Shakin the Southland.

What else?

Use this to discuss how great it feels to watch our basketball team destroy Clemson. Alternatively, use it to curse my name as I jinxed the result if things somehow go awry.