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Gamecocks continue to wait on Muschamp

South Carolina looks to bolster its defensive coaching staff this offseason by adding a defensive mastermind.

Would they re-unite in Columbia?
Would they re-unite in Columbia?
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A reminder from yesterday - the South Carolina Gamecocks do not have a coaching vacancy at this time.  However, the entire program spent Monday with nothing on the minds and lips of Carolina fans other than the idea that the program's defense may be under new leadership come fall of 2015.

Muschamp interest mutual? Chris Clark of Gamecock Central reported at The Times and Democrat's website that the ball is basically in Muschamp's court at this point:

Spurrier will have Ray Tanner and the administration's support on making moves to better the program if Spurrier wants to do it. As it was put to me, it's up to the HBC and Muschamp to make it happen. That means the ball is really in Muschamp's court.

In many ways it's an attractive situation from the outside in that Muschamp would have a chance to go to a good place and turn around a defense, build his resume and eventually get another shot at a head coaching gig among other things.

Muschamp is currently vacationing in the Caribbean, and it's not clear his timetable for a decision.  However, any moves that Carolina might make this offseason seem on hold until they hear whether they'll be adding Muschamp to the fold.

Other suitors. Meanwhile, the Gamecocks are not the only SEC program that recognize the possibilities with Muschamp.  Texas A&M and Auburn remain options as well, with the Tigers considered the other main contender for Coach Boom's services.

The return of Ellis Johnson? Another acclaimed defensive coordinator with SEC ties needs work, as Auburn said goodbye to Ellis Johnson after a 55-45 loss to Alabama this weekend.  Johnson loved his time at South Carolina and only left to try his chops at head coaching for a second time (it ended badly).  He then went to Auburn because his former job was held by his protege - Lorenzo Ward.  Whether Johnson would be willing to come back to South Carolina to either replace Ward or work under Ward is an open question, and one again likely not to be answered until the Gamecocks know the plans of Will Muschamp.