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Gamecocks Get Brandon Wilds and Shon Carson in 2015

Gamecocks, we have great running backs. We just don't use them enough in the 4th. How many times this year were you screaming RUN THE BALL! Well, guess what? Next year we get to yell it again because (hopefully) Brandon Wilds and Shon Carson are coming back!

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

When I heard Brandon Wilds and Shon Carson were coming back, it was an eargasm. Seriously. The first time Gamecocks really saw Brandon Wilds in action was when he ran hog wild all over UT in 2011. He finished the game with 138 yards rushing against a good UT defense. Brandon is probably the most humble player on the team. Yet, his running style is somewhat like Arian Foster because he can catch, punch it through the end zone or peel off a 70 yard TD run like this one.

Shon Carson is one of South Carolina Gamecocks best under utilized weapons. He is by far the best running back that we've had for kick returns too.  The thing I've noticed about Carson is that we need to feed him the ball more. In 2015, he will be amazing. Here is one of the many reasons why Gamecocks love some Shon Carson.