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Independence Bowl Game Thread - Miami Hurricanes v. South Carolina Gamecocks

Two old rivals get reacquainted in Shreveport.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It's not been a great season in Columbia, SC. South Carolina started this season wondering if they were finally ready to break through the ceiling of 11 wins and perhaps find themselves playing in the first-ever college football playoff. Instead, they find themselves in Shreveport with only one goal left to play for - avoiding Steve Spurrier's first losing season in Columbia.

To meet that goal, they'll have to overcome the Miami Hurricanes, led by workhorse running back Duke Johnson. The Hurricanes had a very up-and-down season - they nearly knocked off Florida State, but also stumbled down the stretch in the ACC, losing games they frankly shouldn't have been losing. That's a feeling the Gamecocks know all too well.

The stakes are low today, but it's a chance for Carolina fans to bid adieu to some seniors, including the starting backfield tandem of Dylan Thompson and Mike Davis. So let's sit here and enjoy their final outing as Gamecocks.