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Steve Spurrier's Post-Game Presser, via Google Translate

"SEC danger to us, never to speak."

"They missed and fled to fifty hands."
"They missed and fled to fifty hands."
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Spurrier's SEC Media Day comments from September 7, 2014, translated to various languages and back. Source material.

On what made this win important:
(English to Spanish to Bengali to Hebrew to English)

Get it 7-6, there was a big win for us. This high, Dylan boys and their friends have won 40 games in the last four years that've. 33 and 7, so Gallo for fight fans, happy, really happy for our players to play our guys actually proud of our last 4 to 3 to win the heck it was a nice ending ... so they came here for a winning season and special complete all the players were really great.

On running the dang ball vs chunking it down the field:
(English to Czech to Korean to Romanian to English)

Here I think we can run the ball ... you know, to tell you that I [sound reinforcement], we run very far at all. So I'm going to see how the box below last strike said, I seem to hit a few balls around a big second quarter began Rapture him.

On the defense:
(English to Hmong to Latin to Punjabi to Thai to English)

Prevention is much better and play a few bad. Our small handle. But they missed and fled to fifty hands. I one day you have a story about hope, that it should. But it is not enough to make a good game ... Skai Jonathan Moore Walton is one heck of a game.

On the final minutes of the game:
(English to Somali to Belarusian to Esperanto to English)

I finally won the first game in the end. When we scored 4:13 left many children said that they are working in a team that can throw. And I said, there is no, I said that they will get the player, we need to get in early, you wait and see. I hate to predict as it is, but decided to start a deep and, fortunately, we finally come to the first game to put it, and consume up to one hour.

On why bowl games are different:
(English to Danish to Tajik to Malagasy to Hungarian to English)

Entered in the off-season, you know, I said all along, dango, these games have a cup of the most important game of the year. For I am with you again before the end of August, the game, the fans, we all talk about one of the seven or eight months. This is a great game, and it must be something different from all the rest of the game. All women, children and grandchildren, I think that on the whole, all parents and hang one or two players the night before the game. After a little more ... and savings to know what it is all throughout the day yesterday. You know the game and manages around all the time. But you also need to go out and play, and these guys are ready to play like this.

On rivalries between conferences:
(English to Mongolian to Catalan to Bosnian to English)

SEC danger to us, never to speak. Do you know is good for us to be the most popular of the games is really good and the very day of victory. Or certainly win. And we talked.

On what the bowl means heading into the offseason:
(English to Dutch to Danish to Czech to Croation to traditional Chinese to simplified Chinese to Chichewa to Cebuano to Catalan to Bulgarian to Bosnian to Bengali to Belarusian to Basque to Azerbaijani to Armenian to Arabic to Albania to Afrikaans to Latin to English to Hausa to Haitian Creole to Gujarati to Greek to German to Georgian to Galician to French to Finnish to to Filipino to Estonian to Esperanto to Latin to English)

So in the past years. And I think all the players and a 7-6 victory for the players the opportunity to play. Has a gun and bullets easily. I hope, in a few places, but also those who are trying to start a fire. I see the pain in his body. Then it will be less. For as we have a free space for a little while.