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The Best of GABA in 2014

In which I kindly ask our writers not to write anything good over the next few days so I don't have to update this thing.

The two men that meant the most to the site in 2014.
The two men that meant the most to the site in 2014.
Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a fun year here at Garnet and Black Attack, despite the fact that the 2014 baseball season didn't end how we wanted it to, and the women's basketball team came up a little short in their 2014 NCAA Tournament run, and the 2014 men's basketball team didn't really get off the ground until the end of the year, and the 2014 football team...

You know what, it's been a fun year anyway.  And in that spirit, let's look back at our greatest hits from the year that's past:


Steve Spurrier explained to Dabo that Clemson had in fact won a BCS bowl before.

We wished Kenny Miles the absolute best, and we still do.

We got mad that we were projected to the Belk Bowl, because it was a simpler, more innocent time.


Dale Earnhardt Jr. described how he became a Gamecock fan.

Carolina players responded to the Michael Sam announcement, and our comment section was set ablaze.

Elliott Fry and Patrick Fish were awesome.

We published a glossary of relevant phrases we use way too much around here.


Frank Martin had an incident.

Some football players rode horses.

The baseball Gamecocks swept away the Tigers.


We learned how to pronounce A'ja.

Clemson decided to vandalize our field, and still couldn't find their way into the end zone.

Steve Spurrier pulled a solid prank.  He also politely declined to attend your wedding.  He also explained that he uses the internet in the strangest way imaginable.


Connor proposed the best horse names if you're buying a horse you want to name after Steve Spurrier.

Connor Shaw announced he would have a daughter.  This ended with #hotsportstakes.

Clowney went number one.


We published a helpful guide on how to abbreviate our alma mater.

We took a tour of Steve Spurrier's office.

Holbrook annoyed us. Again.


Spurrier killed it at media day.  He always does.

Stephen Garcia told wonderful stories.

The Gamecocks made a lot more money than Clemson.


We wished Marcus Lattimore the best as he tried to complete his comeback.

We predicted how the 2014 season would turn out.

The Aggies visited, and we had a disagreement at the State House.

Cookie Cake-gate.



Stephen Garcia drank capably.

Jared Lorenzen did not remember Steve Spurrier fondly.


We got really excited about Marcus Lattimore's prospects.

The Palmetto Bowl got rid of a dumb trophy, and we proposed a better one.

The Gameoccks posted the best vine of the year, even though the doofus that posted it got the names wrong.


Too many points (go appreciate the gif one more time).

Marcus Lattimore retired.

Basically everyone turned on Lorenzo Ward.


We considered if the Gamecocks would try to hire a new defensive coordinator.  They then tried to hire Will Muschamp.  They failed.

Jorge proposed at least one suitable defensive coordinator.  He'd clean up this team, that's for sure.

Steve Spurrier said he was only going to coach "2-3 more" years.  It did not help things.

Thanks for spending the year with us.  We hope you enjoyed it, and hope you'll be back in 2015.  In the comments, let us know which was your favorite, and if we missed any posts that you particularly enjoyed.  Happy New Year, Gamecocks!