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Will Muschamp Watch Continues As Head Coach In Waiting Rumors Swirl

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Muschamp holds all the cards.
Muschamp holds all the cards.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It's a new day, and there's still no news out of Columbia (or Auburn, or College Station) about where Will Muschamp will end up.  Despite reports earlier this week that a deal with Auburn was imminent, the former Florida Gators' head coach remains on the open market.

The last 12-24 hours have involved a lot of discussion about whether South Carolina would or should offer Will Muschamp a position as the "head coach in waiting," a role he held at Texas before he left that job to lead the Gators. started a poll asking fans what they thought of offering Muschamp the position, and early returns showed overwhelming majorities in support of giving Coach Boom the tag if it brings him to Columbia.

That said, there's really no new concrete news to report, and the waiting game and the rumors continue.  Right now, Muschamp holds all the cards, and it seems that the Gamecocks as well as other suitors are willing to wait to see what he decides before they move on to other options.