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#SECBasketballFever Power Poll - Week 3

The Gamecocks move up on the strength of hammering Oklahoma State.

Defense wins championships.  Or at least moves you up in the power poll.
Defense wins championships. Or at least moves you up in the power poll.
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

It's still Kentucky's world with the rest of us living in it, but there was some movement in the poll otherwise -

1. Kentucky (LW: 1). Are they bored with this?  I'm already bored with this.

2. Florida (3). Competitive loss to Kansas and smoking a sneaky decent Yale team.  Again, all of this is happening without their full roster.  Once that comes back, they're clearly the second-best team in the SEC.

3. Arkansas (2). Leaving them here because of the nice early-season win over SMU on the road and an otherwise decent body of work, but losing to Clemson isn't doing anybody any favors, guys.  Can this team still not win on the road for some reason?

4.  Texas A&M (4). The teams below them are knocking on the door, but a nice home win over Arizona State keeps them here for now.

5. South Carolina (7). Dismantling Oklahoma State is a very good thing.  Held back in part by three close losses early in the season - one to Baylor - but it doesn't seem right to reward other teams for not scheduling those games while punishing Carolina for losing them.

6. Georgia (8). A nice win over Colorado at home, though the loss of Kenny Gaines could really hurt the Bulldogs as they welcome Seton Hall on December 21.

7. LSU (11). A very impressive win in Morgantown moves the Tigers up a few pegs this week.  Also it becomes harder to hold the Clemson loss against them after Arkansas went out and somehow did the same damn thing.

8. Mississippi (8). They split games this week, losing at home to an improving TCU team before going to Eugene to beat a capable Oregon Duck squad.  This team also beat Cincinnati and Creighton while losing to Charleston Southern.  I do not understand you, Rebels.

9. Alabama (6). Missed the SEC-Big XII Challenge, and instead went to Cincinnati and got hammered pretty good by Xavier.

10. Vanderbilt (10). Kudos for playing Baylor close, though obviously a little easier to do when they're missing Kenny Chery.

11. Mississippi State (9). Losses to Tulane and TCU in the same week?  That's the Bulldog program I expected to see this season.

12. Tennessee (12). A nice home win over Kansas State keeps them above the bottom two, and means they could have just enough pieces to get into the top 10 of the league.  I can't see them climbing higher than that, however.

13. Missouri (13). At least they got the win after playing a way-too-close game against SE Missouri State.  Then they went out and got clobbered by 19 points in Norman against the Sooners (all three competent teams they've played have beaten Mizzou by exactly 19 points this year).

14. Auburn (14). Losing to Texas Tech on the road?  I get it.  Losing to Coastal Carolina at home?  Come on, Aubie.