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Secrets of South Carolina team posters: revealed!

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Watch out for flying skull demons, ladies.
Watch out for flying skull demons, ladies.
Gamecocks Online

For the past couple of years, the athletic department's done a bang-up job with the team posters issued at the beginning of each season. A big part of the credit goes to James Quantz Jr., Columbia photographer whose brand of iconic super high-resolution photography affords the final design an aura of majesty that you just don't get from typical gameshots. (He also documents his shoots, which allowed this* to exist. And for that, we thank him.)

The athletic department recently released the Gamecocks softball poster, and it's another top notch effort. See here:

/is officially scared of Brooke Barnhill

Behind the Lady Yardcocks is the newly opened Beckham Field, and behind that is a bed of cranberry-red clouds that should be familiar to any PC gamers out there:

The similarities are striking and undeniable, folks. It's unclear whether the site of Beckham field was used to design the original Doom level concepts. My take? Probably. Also, definitely.

This got a few of us at GABA thinking: what other famous video game levels could be based on various sites throughout Columbia? A few we thought of:

Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road = 5 Points.

Because there's a star, you see, which has five points. Also, you'd probably attempt to clear a yawning abyss if it meant getting out faster.



Goldeneye's The Dam=Lake Murray Dam

Because they are both dams.


Mortal Kombat's Goro's Lair=Colonial Life Arena

Oversized, there's a fair share of brutality on display, and there are few spectators.


EA Sports NCAA Football's Williams Brice-Stadium=Williams-Brice Stadium

Because they are actually the same thing.


If I am missing any overt examples, feel free to submit them in the comment section.

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