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Snowing with the Gamecocks

Snow postponed South Carolina's game with Vanderbilt, so let's look at pretty pictures of our university covered with winter.

This is categorically not South Carolina.
This is categorically not South Carolina.

With the South Carolina basketball game postponed, and the city shut down, the Gamecocks took to social media to chronicle the snow in Columbia on Wednesday.  Here's a selection of images captured by our fellow Carolinians:

The university awoke to snow, as captured by the USC admissions department.

Harris Pastides reported much of the same from his house on the Horseshoe.

As did other South Carolina students out enjoying the day.

The softball stadium took a nice coat of snow, as captured here.

While we didn't get as many great interior snow pictures as the last time snow fell in Columbia...

We got some good ones, especially this shot from Ray Tanner, who was out with his kids enjoying the day as much as anyone.

Stay safe and warm, everybody.