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Dylan Thompson and A.J. Cann practice in the snow

Steve Spurrier may not grind all the time, but his new starting quarterback does.

The snow that had Columbia, S.C. shut down on Wednesday did not prevent Dylan Thompson from getting in his off-season workout. Here, Thompson is seen participating in that famous football drill where an offensive lineman holds on to a rope that is tied around the quarterback's waist.

There's no point in me explaining what's happening in this picture because we all obviously know the purpose of this essential football exercise. Besides, the real point to be made here is that Thompson, Cann, and the unseen photographer braved the elements to lead their teammates by the example of their hard work and dedication.

Other players who have been told, in so many words, that they will be inheriting the starting quarterback job next season might be content to take their foot off the gas during an unusually cold Columbia day that has ground the wheels of the state's transportation infrastructure to a halt. Thompson, however, has the reputation of an overachieving two-star prospect to live up to, which is why he can be seen above on the snow-covered turf of Williams-Brice Stadium, participating in this drill, the utility of which could be easily explained but for the fact that the skills that it develops are so blindingly obvious that enumerating the benefits of this workout would be a waste of both your time and mine.

Please excuse me while I google "what are some popular football passing drills" for completely unrelated reasons.