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Elliott Fry kicks a trick shot field goal while refusing to wear a shirt

A pair of Gamecocks are putting an end to the idea that kickers aren't athletes.

Streeter Lecka

The main reason South Carolina fans love Elliott Fry is that he is very good at his job. But the fact that he plays for one of the best teams in a conference filled with players literally twice his size makes him especially fun to root for. (Tennessee defensive tackle Daniel McCullers was almost three Elliott Frys.)

As it turns out, it's quite fun to watch a person who weighs less than some labrador retrievers do stuff like this.

After getting a boost from his friend, Fry executes a backflip, does some kind of magic soccery thing to bring the ball up to his hands using his feet, and then punts the ball through the uprights. He does all of this while wearing a t-shirt like a scarf, as if he was in the middle of taking off his shirt when he was suddenly like, "BRO, HOLD UP. I JUST HAD THE BEST IDEA FOR A TRICK SHOT. THERE IS NEITHER TIME FOR ME TO FINISH TAKING OFF MY SHIRT NOR FOR ME TO ROLL IT BACK DOWN. GET YOUR PHONE OUT."

While we're here, let's not sleep on the fact that Fry's Instagram handle is exotic_elliott1, which seems like it could either be a ironic, self-aware comment about his physical appearance or a bona fide attempt to describe himself as exotic. BOTH OF THESE ARE CORRECT SOMEHOW.

As Fry points out on Twitter, Patrick Fish, who held all 18 of Fry's field goal attempts in 2013 and also serves as backup punter, was the first to make waves for a trick shot a few months ago.

What do you think? Is Fry's stunt more impressive than Fish's? Has Elliott Fry clinched the 2014 Heisman Trophy?