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Frank Martin named one of the 100 sexiest coaches in college basketball

Frank Martin: basketball coach, sex symbol.

When one observes Frank Martin coaching a basketball game, sex appeal is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. It is not the second thing, either. (That's your fight-or-flight response kicking in.) Nor is it the third. (Now you're just shrieking like a helpless infant.) But after you've hacked your way through a jungle of terror, awe, legitimate concern for the well-being of anyone within staring distance, and trying to figure out what's going on that makes his suits fit so oddly -- you might just just stumble upon sexy.

So imagine the internet's surprise when it learned that Martin has been named one of the 100 sexiest coaches in college basketball by Nicole Shea of College Insider. "Sexy" can be a difficult word to pin down, so Ms. Shea blessed us with a paragraph of contemplation on what the word means to her. I've emboldened a few turns of phrase that shed some light on how Coach Martin came to be included.

So what defines sexy? There is no one definitive answer and that's makes this such an interesting list to compile. Sexy literally comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Sometimes it's sneaky quiet. Sometimes it's bold and outgoing. It looks good dresses up and it looks great when it goes casual. It can be a perfect gentleman and it can have a New York attitude. What one finds appealing another may find appalling. Or one women's treasure is another women's... Well you know.

Martin did not, however, take home the top prize. That went to Montana head coach Wayne Tinkle (heh). Let's take a look at what made Tinkle stand out from the field.

The snow-capped mountain of a coach may look tough but he truly is a gentle giant. Coach Tinkle has kept Montana among the top mid-major program's in America. He's not exactly the type of coach that seeks attention so this is all probably a little embarrassing for him, but I am sure his lovely wife would agree with the final assessment.

All of this seems well within Martin's reach. Looks tough? Check. Gentle giant? Check. Snow-capped? Not quite, but unless he opts to dye his hair, Martin will only get grayer as he continues to advance in age.

Let's take a look at some photos of Gamecock basketball's head hunk in charge strutting his stuff.

Jeff Blake, USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Blake, USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Blake, USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Blake, USA TODAY Sports

Jim Brown, USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Blake, USA Today Sports

Jamie Squire

Hubba hubba.