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Bryson Allen-Williams is '95 percent' committed, will choose between South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama on Wednesday

When asked to throw a percentage on the strength of his commitment to South Carolina, four-star linebacker Bryson-Allen Williams hedged a bit but ultimately gave an answer that should provide comfort to Gamecock fans, depending on how you choose to interpret it.

"For me, I really can't judge it in percentage. I just know that as of right now most likely I am going to sign with South Carolina," he said. "I won't say 100 percent because I am still thinking so probably about 95 percent."

But the four-star linebacker conceded that the pitches he received from Alabama and Georgia during the last two weeks have been persuasive and that the decision will be harder than he once imagined.

"Coach Ward and Coach Spurrier, both of them have been constantly calling me, keeping my faith toward South Carolina. It's a hard decision, so many great schools coming at you. South Carolina is an amazing school, but Bama and Georgia they are really putting a lot in my head. Between today and tomorrow, I have a lot of thinking to do."

Allen-Williams initially maintained that the sole purpose of his visits to Tuscaloosa and Athens was to fulfill promises made to Alabama and Georgia and coaching staffs, but the trips seem to have had some unintended consequences. The four-star linebacker will attempt to resolve his internal contact by making an appeal to The Lord Himself.

"Right now, I feel comfortable at South Carolina," he said. "I am going to do some thinking and some praying tonight. On Tuesday, when I wake up, whatever decision I have, it will be made.

Let us hope that the blessed #AngelBoiSwagg is on prayer-answerin' duty on Monday night.